What’s the forecast for today? Cloudy with a chance of sprinkles, of course!


Do you desire a sugar rush? Do you fantasize about flavors fit for a royal? Well then, you are in luck because delicious treats are what I do best!

I’ve been making scrumptious goodies for friends and family events for over a decade. Now, I’m bringing these homemade treats to you!

What’s On Offer

Whether it’s a simple sweet vanilla, or a complex design and flavor, I strive to create them all. I’m here to bring you delicious homemade sweet treats that you cannot find anywhere else. 

A Sugary Cloud Connecticut Birthday Cake Prince Themed

Your order can be picked up or personally delivered throughout Connecticut — free delivery for a Google or Facebook review!

See below for menu options, or contact me with your preferences. 🙂

I am a fondant free baker and work with buttercream.

Menu & Prices

Orders must be placed at least 7 days in advance. If needed within 7 days, please contact me for options — calendar permitting.
Prices may vary depending on the intricacy of design or special requests.
Smash Cakes available!

A Sugary Cloud Connecticut Birthday Cake Donut Themed

Special Order Cakes:

4 inch // three layers = $40 (Feeds 3-5)

6 inch // two layers = $40 (Smash Cake)

6 inch // three layers = $50 (Feeds 6-10)

8 inch // two layers = $50 (Feeds 10-14) // three layers = $60 (Feeds 12-16)

10 inch // two layers = $70 (Feeds 25-30)

2 Tier Cakes = $100 (8 inch bottom tier, 6 inch top tier)

3 Tier Cakes = $250 (10 inch bottom tier, 8 inch middle tier, 6 inch top tier)

Delicious Cupcakes:

$30 per dozen — $2.50 each

Filled: $36 per dozen — $3 each

Ready to order?

Submit your requests via my online order form!

Additional questions? Drop me a line!